2019 Proposed Meetings of the KPFD Board of Directors

NOTE: Two meetings per month for 
reviewing and selecting projects.

(2nd Monday)      (4th Monday)
January 14             January 28              July 22 *
*February 11          February 25            August 26
*Meeting cancelled due to weather   September 23 *
March 11                March 25
                October 28
April 8                    April 22 * 
               December 2 *** 
May 6 (cancelled)   May 20 **               
June 10                  June 24 
(Dates in red have already been held)
   *  Fourth Monday of a Five Monday Month
 **  Third Monday, to avoid Memorial Day     
***  Board chose to combine the Nov & Dec meetings.

NOTE:  New Project information here on this page

Next Regular Meeting of the KPFD Board of Directors
         Monday, June 10th, 2019
Time:          5:30 PM  
Location:    East and West Bay Room
                   Best Western Plus/Silverdale Beach Hotel

Draft Agenda available here. (The meeting may be recorded.)

NOTE: Minutes of past meetings can be found here.

The Kitsap Public Facilities District's principal office is located at: 
      9230 Bay Shore Dr. NW, Suite 101, Silverdale, WA 98383

Please contact the KPFD office 360-698-1885 if you have any

Special Meeting of the KPFD Board of Directors

Draft Agenda available here.
(The meeting may be recorded.)

A notice will be published here, if a
Special Meeting will be scheduled.


Please contact the KPFD office 360-698-1885 if you have questions.

New Project Funding Info:

The Kitsap PFD will benefit from legislation (EHB1201) passed in mid 2017, that allows New Projects to be funded and built in Kitsap County.


The New Project Proposal Funding Process document can be found by clicking on:         New Project.


Six New Project teams filed an Official Application form and package of information by the deadline of Dec 31st, 2018.


The proposed project must provide significant economic impact as well as benefit to residents and the communities of Kitsap County, in accordance with the four main goals of the Kitsap PFD. They are:

1) Economic Development;
2) Efficient use of public and private monies;
3) Innovation; and
4) Multiple use of facilities.

It must also be greater than $10 million in total value and have matching funds from a public partner no less than one-third of the project value.


Evaluation Process:

The New Project teams have gone before the KPFD Board again for a pesentation of their projects, based on the four main goals identified above.

Two project teams have presented their projects, costs and expectations at Board Meetings in February and March.

(The order was determined by a blind draw on January 2nd)


The Port of Bremerton and Circuit of the NW will present their proposal again at the April 22nd meeting, to be involved in the same final evaluation process by the Board.


   February 25th:   Central Kitsap Event Center
                             Port Gamble Heritage Park

   March 11th         Port Orchard Event Center

                             Poulsbo Event & Rec Center

   March 25th         Bremerton Pendergast Park
                             BI Parks Pool Aquatic Center

   April 22nd           Port of Bremerton/Circuit of the NW

   (click on the project title to view the video presentations)


The Board will further discuss the seven projects during the meetings in June to make the selection of the finalists (three or four projects).


The finalists will go before the KPFD on a final round of consideration of all estimated costs, community and economic benefits, contributions to costs from other private & public partners and details of proposed construction schedules, during meetings in July. A schedule will be announced later in mid-2019.


Final announcement of the funding awards to two or three of the finalists should be announced by the end of the third quarter.

NOTE: There may be feasibility studies to be performed and heard before that decision can be made.


An additional notice will be posted if and when that occurs.

2019 KPFD EventFund Awards:

Awards range from $500 to $5,000 for marketing and promoting events held in the three PFD financed facilities - Kitsap Conference Center, Kitsap Fairgrounds and Event Center and North Kitsap Regional Event Center. Fund award decisions are competitive.

Next opportunity to apply is now through June 14 for 2019 EventFund Round II. More details by clicking here.

This funding is available through the PFD EventFund awards, see more information at - www.kitsap-pfd.org/eventfund.html.

KPFD EventFund Awards

Awards range from $500 to $5,000. Fund award decisions are competitive.


NOTE: Applicants may file at any time before June 14, 2019 for the June 2019 EventFund Round II awards.

Following is the 2019 KPFD EventFund Award schedule.
Click here for a pdf of the EventFund Award schedule.

KPFD EventFund - ROUND I - January 2019
July 1, 2018
Application Period Closed
Jan 18, 2019
Application Submission Deadline
Jan 28, 2019
Proposal Presentations &
Funding Decision
Jan 30, 2019
Award Notification - Round I Complete

KPFD EventFund - ROUND II - June 2019
Feb 6, 2019
Application Period Open for Round II
June 14, 2019
Application Submission Deadline
June 24, 2019
Proposal Presentations &
Funding Decision
June 26, 2019
Award Notification - Round II

Click here for the EventFund Application & Guidelines

Click here for a list of 2006-18 EventFund recipients.

The PFD has begun a months long submission period for New Projects to be funded in 2019 and beyond. Legislation passed in 2017 gives the Kitsap PFD the ability to sell bonds against future income between 2027 and 2041 that could amount to $15 million or more.

Preference may be given to projects in South Kitsap or on Bainbridge Island. but not limited to those areas of the County. They would have to be sizeable projects, amounting to $10 million or more in scope and value. There would also have to be a match of dollars, land or labor from a public partner equal to at least a third of the project value.


More information available-click on:   Evaluation Timeline 

The Kitsap Public Facilities District (KPFD) is an independent municipal corporation managing Washington state sales tax rebate funds allocated to Kitsap County.

Projects selected to receive funds from the KPFD have included the very successful Kitsap Conference Center at Bremerton Harborside, the rehabilitation of the Kitsap Sun Fairgrounds & Events Center and the North Kitsap Regional Events Center. The economic impact and benefit to residents and the communities of Kitsap County are impressive. Please click here to read more details.

You may also download a PFD Version of the KPFD Report to the Community.


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