Kitsap Public Facilities Mission

The Kitsap Public Facilities District (KPFD) is committed to the creation of new facilities for the enjoyment of the County residents, as well as sites for regional events that will contribute to the growth and prosperity of the County.

The KPFD Board of Directors completed a several year long effort to modify the original legislation so that new projects, in addition to the three originally approved by the KPFD Board, could be considered for funding. The bill, EHB1201, became law in July 2017, along with an extension of the time period the PFDs could receive the tax rebate funding from the State until 2041. This provides a new revenue stream that can fund bonds for new capital projects for the County.

About the Kitsap Public Facilities District

The Kitsap Public Facilities District (KPFD) is an independent municipal corporation managing Washington state sales tax rebate funds allocated to Kitsap County. The seven member Board of Directors are appointed by the Kitsap County Commissioners.

The KPFD acts as a catalyst for creating livable and active communities in Kitsap County and uses the following guiding principles: 1) economic development, 2) efficient use of public and private monies, 3) innovation and 4) multiple use. View our complete Guiding Principles here.

Financial Stability of Kitsap Public Facilities District

The Office of the Washington State Auditor previously published the results of the 2018 Accountability Audit Report for the Kitsap Public Facilities District. That report can be found here.

This is the fourth consecutive Accountability Audit with no blemishes or financial issues. The essence of the report is as follows:

“This report describes the overall results and conclusions for the areas we examined. In those selected areas, District operations complied with applicable state laws, regulations, and its own policies, and provided adequate controls over the safeguarding of public resources.”

Staff & Support

Name Title
Russ Shiplet Executive Director
Brian Lawler, JPC PLLC Legal Counsel
Scott Bauer, NW Municipal Advisors Financial Advisor
Marc Greenough, Foster Garvey PC Bond Counsel
Shannon Thompson, Barker Creek Consulting Construction Consultant
Susan Veach, Accountability Plus, Inc. Accounting