Port of Bremerton – Circuit of the NW (POB/CNW)

The Circuit of the Northwest brings a world-class racing experience to the Pacific Northwest that will rival some of the world’s most legendary road courses. The track delivers the latest in motorsports technology to enhance the racing experience and improve skills and techniques.

A Destination for Entertainment, Sports, and Community Involvement

Four years in its planning and preparation, the CNW multi-purpose facility will replace the drag and road course racing on the unused runway at the Airport. In addition, there are more than two dozen public and community organizations that use that runway for training and evaluation exercises. These activities have been going on for more than 20 years at the current location.

KPFD has been investigating and evaluating this virtually “shovel ready” project for more than a year for possible cooperation with the Port of Bremerton to fund part of the improvements to the Port property that will support the public and community uses of the multi-use facility. No public funding will go directly to the CNW operator.

KPFD also paid for a Market Demand Study to be conducted to determine the public and community benefits to be gained if this facility were built. Part of the Study showed that the economic benefits that may be gained in the first year alone might be more than $57 Million. That study is available here.

A KPFD Board meeting in mid-2019 approved an Interlocal Agreement (ILA) with the Port of Bremerton, which provided for payment of up to $502,300 to the Port of Bremerton, to contract for technical and engineering drawings and documents to prepare for the construction of the multi-use facility. This will ensure that the many community and public uses of the facility will be properly included in the construction plans.