EventFund Overview

The Kitsap Public Facilities District (KPFD) uses a Washington State sales tax rebate to invest in sports, recreation, entertainment and conference facilities in Kitsap County. The KPFD seeks to promote the use of these facilities, to expand local recreational options and to stimulate economic benefit to the community by assisting local organizations to host regional sports tournaments and special events at the facilities built or renovated with KPFD-managed funds.

EventFund Purpose

The KPFD makes funds available through the KPFD EventFund for promotion and marketing of the events and facilities to support Kitsap County-based organizations that want to host, produce and/or market local and regional sports tournaments or special events at KPFD qualified venues.

EventFund Guidelines

The KPFD Board of Directors accepts applications and makes fund allocations from the KPFD EventFund twice a year in January and June. Fund award decisions are competitive and range from $500 to $5,000.

Download a PDF of the Application and Instructions.

Applicants must be a Kitsap County-based organization requesting funds to promote and market regional sports tournaments and events hosted at one of the following three venues developed with KPFD-managed funds.

  • Kitsap Conference Center at Bremerton Harborside
  • Kitsap Fairgrounds and Events Center
  • Facilities within North Kitsap Regional Event Center

Supporting Events to Benefit KPFD Funded Facilities

KPFD EventFund primarily supports programs through funds for marketing and promotion that stimulate economic activity by drawing out-of-county participants, families and tournament enthusiasts to Kitsap County, while also providing entertaining and healthful recreational opportunities for Kitsap County residents.

Awards must be used for the purpose of marketing and promoting the event and the facility. The purpose must be stated clearly in the proposal and in accord with the event plan, budget, and timeline. The KPFD logo must be prominently displayed in the marketing literature and program.

Ten percent or more of the funds awarded must be spent with the Visit Kitsap Peninsula tourism organization for assistance with logos, literature, press releases, flyers, advertising and posters to promote and advertise the event, unless otherwise allowed by the KPFD Board.

Organizations may apply for KPFD EventFunds for a specific activity or event for up to three years. The intent is to support the organization or event until it becomes self-sustaining. To be considered for funding in any additional years, the event follow-up reporting requirement must be thorough and detailed, demonstrating progress toward self-sufficiency.

The KPFD is committed to the development of successful events in Kitsap County. To that end, we encourage applicants to contact the KPFD staff prior to submitting an application for funding. We are pleased to discuss project ideas, help develop a realistic event budget or assist as you prioritize the organizational details of the event.

We also are available to review the funding proposal prior to the final submittal. These services are available as time permits until one week prior to the application deadline.

Allocation of KPFD funds is based on a number of factors, including, but not limited to, projected number of participants, projected attendees, potential for future growth of the tournament or event, uniqueness or duplication of programming within Kitsap County, and demonstrated need of the organization. Additional community support, matching funds and  the potential for long-term sustainability are also important and considered to be strong positive indicators for receiving an award from the KPFD EventFund. In all instances the funds requested are to be clearly shown to be used for promoting and marketing the event.

Click here to download the full document for all the pertinent details.

KPFD EventFund prioritizes support for programs and events that:

  • Draw participants and audience members from  beyond Kitsap County.
  • Have an effective marketing plan for promoting the event.
  • Encourage over-night stays in Kitsap County area hotels & motels
  • Have collaborative efforts among teams, schools, businesses, etc.
  • Leverage KPFD allocation with funds from other sources.
  • Encourage use of volunteers.
  • Enhance participation opportunities for children and youth

KPFD requires EventFund recipients to submit a detailed after-event report, including where the EventFund dollars were spent, and the public benefit derived from the event.

  • A brief narrative highlighting an overall evaluation of the event
  • The strengths & weaknesses of the event
  • Number of participants and the demographics (age, residence, etc)
  • Number of spectators/audience and the demographics of this group
  • Estimated number of overnight stays (VKP can assist with this)
  • Financial report comparing budget to actual revenue and costs
  • Outline future plans for the event or tournament.

Please Note: the KPFD Board of Directors occasionally may revise this policy to maintain flexibility and to reflect community needs.

Download a PDF of the Application & Guidelines.

New 2022 KPFD EventFund Schedule

KPFD EventFund Round I – January 2022

July 5, 2021: Application Period Open

Jan 10, 2022: Application Submission Deadline

Jan 24, 2022: Proposal Presentations & Funding Decision

Jan 28, 2022: Award Notification – Round I

KPFD EventFund Round II – June 2022

Feb 4, 2022: Application Period Open for Round II

June 13, 2022: Application Submission Deadline

June 27, 2022: Proposal Presentations & Funding Decision

July 4, 2022: Award Notification – Round II

Application & Instructions

NOTE: Fill out the Application Form, use your own stationary or plain paper for the remaining sections.

PART I – Applicate

PART 2 – Program Description

PART 3 – Program Budget

PART 4 – Support from Collaborating Agencies

PART 5 – Additional Information

Delivery Instructions

Applications may be submitted to KPFD in two ways:

1) Mailing: Applications may be mailed to Kitsap Public Facilities District, 9230 Bay Shore Dr NW, Suite 101, Silverdale, 98383.

2) Email: Application may be attached to an email and submitted to execdirector@kitsap-pfd.org. A confirmation will be sent within one week that application has been received.

PLEASE NOTE: Late applications will not be accepted

If you have any questions, please send an email to
execdirector@kitsap-pfd.org or call (360) 698-1885.

Thank you for your interest in applying for the KPFD EventFund.