Authorization of Sales and Use Tax for Regional Event Centers

The Kitsap Public Facilities District is a corporate, municipal body with independent taxing authority.  State law allows Public Facilities Districts to impose a local sales and use tax of 0.033% to finance the construction of regional event centers.

Original legislation allowed the PFDs to collect local sales and use tax through 2025.  In 2017, House Bill EHB 1201 was passed by both the WA State House and Senate to extend the authorization for local sales and use tax collection through 2041.

New Funding Opportunity

The extended timeline for additional sales and use tax collection through 2041 allowed the KPFD Board of Directors to craft a new project funding proposal document outlining how existing partners, the county, surrounding cities, and other public entities could apply for construction funds as they become available.

New Project Proposals were submitted to the KPFD Board of Directors in 2019.  Projects were reviewed and evaluated for consideration.  Proposal criteria included:

-The project needs to create economic development opportunities across the county

-PFD funds expenditures for the project are an efficient use of public and private monies

-The project is innovative and creative

-The project will be a multi-purpose facility and open to the public

-The project’s total value must be $10,000,000 or greater, and matching funds from the public partner are no less than one-third of the cost for design and construction

Project Presentations

In 2019, seven projects proposals were presented to the KPFD Board of Directors in special meetings conducted in February, March, and April.  The order of each presentation included:

February 25, 2019

Central Kitsap School District – Central Kitsap Event Center
Kitsap County – Port Gamble Heritage Park

March 11, 2019

City of Port Orchard – Port Orchard Community Event Center
City of Poulsbo – Poulsbo Event & Recreation Center

March 25, 2019

City of Bremerton – Pendergast Athletic Complex
City of Bainbridge Island – Bainbridge Island Aquatic Center

April 22, 2019

Port of Bremerton – Circuit of the Northwest

The KPFD Board of Directors discussed the seven projects during public meetings on May 22, June 19 , June 24, & July 15, 2019. During the July 29, 2019, public meeting, the Board ranked each project in order of funding preference. Projects were ranked on a scale from 1 to 7 – with #1 being the highest and #7 being the lowest.

Project ranking results:

#1 Port Orchard Community Event Center

#2 Poulsbo Event & Recreation Center

#3 Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park

#4 Circuit of the Northwest

#5 Bainbridge Island Aquatic Center

#6 Central Kitsap Events Center

#7 Pendergast Athletic Complex

NOTE: The Ranking Table for determining the project funding preferences can be found here – 2019 Project Ranking Table.