Evaluation Process

The KPFD Board of Directors has completed a several year long effort to modify the original legislation so that new projects, in addition to the three originally approved by the KPFD Board, could be considered for funding. The bill, EHB1201, became law in July 2017, along with an extension of the time period the PFDs could receive the tax rebate funding from the State until 2041. This provides a new revenue stream that can fund bonds for new capital projects for the County.

New Funding Opportunity

Consequently, the Board of Directors approved a new project funding proposal document that outlines how our existing partners, the County, cities or other public entities can apply for the additional funding that will be available. That document can be found here.

New Project Proposals were submitted to the KPFD office by December 31, 2018, for consideration in the first round of review and evaluation for funding awards in 2019.

The proposed project must provide significant economic impact as well as benefit to residents and the communities of Kitsap County, in accordance with the four main goals of the KPFD. They are:

  1. Economic Development
  2. Efficient use of public and private monies
  3. Innovation
  4. Multiple use of facilities

It must also be greater than $10 million in total value and have matching funds from a public partner no less than one-third of the project value.

Funding Criteria

The New Project teams have gone before the KPFD Board for evaluation of their projects, based on the four main goals identified above, plus other factors. Two project teams discussed their projects, costs and expectations at Board Meetings in February and March. The CNW project was added to the April 22nd meeting.

February 25th

Central Kitsap Event Center
Port Gamble Heritage Park

March 11th

Port Orchard Event Center
Poulsbo Event & Rec Center

March 25th

Bremerton Pendergast Park
BI Parks Pool Aquatic Center

April 22nd

Port of Bremerton/Circuit of NW

The Board discussed the seven projects during the meetings in May, June and July for the Board to rank the projects for possible funding at the August meeting. Each Director ranked the projects from 1 to 7, 1 being the most desirable, 7 the least desirable. These rankings were tabulated for the following results.

The Project ranking order was:

  1. Port Orchard Community & Event Center*
  2. Poulsbo Event & Recreation Center*
  3. Port Gamble Heritage Park*
  4. Port of Bremerton/Circuit of the NW**
  5. BI Parks District Aquatic Complex
  6. Central Kitsap Events Center
  7. Pendergast Park, Bremerton.

NOTE: The Ranking Table for determining the Funding preference is attached here.

The top project teams (designated with *) have negotiated ILAs (Interlocal Agreements) with the KPFD in order to receive funding for their projects. The ILAs for the top three projects have been approved by the KPFD Board. Two of the three have approved by our public partner. (**Note: the POB ILA for the Phase II portion of the CNW project was already in place.)

Now these are in place, there will be meetings of the Steering Committees between the two partners on a regular basis with progress reported to the KPFD Board. This will cover estimated costs, community and economic benefits, contributions to costs from other private & public partners and details of proposed construction schedules.

The ILAs are available on the archives page.

NOTE: There are feasibility studies to be performed by the respective projects. This could push some of the funding awards into the later part of 2020 or early 2021.