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2020 Board Meeting Schedule & Location

Meeting Date                     Location                                      
January 20 **                      County Administration Bldg.
February 24                        Bainbridge Island City Hall

March 23 *                          CANCELLED Due to Corona virus
April 27                                CANCELLED Due to Corona virus
May 18 **                            CANCELLED Due to Corona virus
June 22 *                             Virtual - ZOOM webinar
July 27                                 Virtual  - ZOOM webinar
- An error occurred in the recording of this meeting - no audio
was recorded
. BKAT expresses its apologies for this error.
August 24 *                         CANCELLED
September 21 **                  Virtual - Zoom Webinar
October 26                            Virtual - Zoom Webinar
NOTE: our meeting crashed before the Agenda was completed.
        See below for special makeup webinar

December 7 ***                   Poulsbo City Hall or Zoom Webinar
Meetings begin at 5:30 pm

* 4th Monday in 5 Mon month   **Third Mon (to avoid BOCC meeting)
            *** Board decided to combine Nov & Dec meetings

Locations in Red have already been held
Meeting Dates in Blue are links to meeting videos

NOTE: Minutes of past meetings can be found by clicking here.

Special Makeup Virtual Webinar* of the KPFD Board of Directors
         Monday, October 28, 2020
Time:          8:00 PM  Special Time
Location:    Virtual ZOOM Webinar

* Our apologies for failing to address the final item on our Agenda due to a technical issue. We will cover item 9) POB/CNW Discussion - at this meeting before adjourning.

Advance registration for makeup webinar, click on this link:

   Registration Link

Draft Agenda available here.

Future meetings may be subject to change, or in different locations,
please check these pages for any location changes.

The meeting will be recorded available on BKAT,
    or the KPFD YouTube channel:

NOTE: Minutes of past meetings can be found here.

The Kitsap Public Facilities District's principal office is located at: 
      9230 Bayshore Dr. NW, Suite 101, Silverdale, WA 98383

Please contact the KPFD office 360-698-1885 if you have any

Special Meeting of the KPFD Board of Directors

(The meeting may be recorded.)
A notice will be published here, if a Special Meeting will be scheduled.

Please contact the KPFD office 360-698-1885 if you have questions.

2019 and 2020Meetings:
Videos of meetings can be found on our YouTube channel -

Construction Consultant Position

Canditates were interviewed via Zoom,
by a selection committee comprised of Board Members
and the Executive Director.

The finalists' presentations and selection occured
at the September 21 Board Meeting

KPFD Construction Consultant:

Shannon Thompson - Barker Creek Consulting LLC

2020 KPFD EventFund Awards:

Awards range from $500 to $5,000 for marketing and promotingevents held in the three PFD financed facilities - Kitsap Conference Center, Kitsap Fairgrounds and Event Center and North Kitsap Regional Event Center. Fund award decisions are competitive.

NOTE: 2020 Round II Awards are currently suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Award winners can carry the funding amount forward to 2021. Please confirm with the KPFD office.


Next opportunity to apply is now through Jan15th, 2021 for 2021 EventFund Round I. More details by clicking here.

This funding is available through the KPFD EventFund awards, see more information at -

NOTE: Applicants may file at any time before Jan 15, 2021 for the January 2021 EventFund Round I awards.

Following is the new 2021 KPFD EventFund schedule.
Click here for a pdf of the EventFund Award schedule.

KPFD EventFund - ROUND I - January 2021
July 1, 2020
Application Period Open
Jan 15, 2021 *
Application Submission Deadline
Jan 24, 2021 *
Proposal Presentations &
Funding Decision
Jan 31, 2021 *
Award Notification - Round I
                        * Dates have been pulled up a week
KPFD EventFund - ROUND II - June 2021
Feb 6, 2021
Application Period Open for Round II
June 18, 2021
Application Submission Deadline
June 28, 2021
Proposal Presentations &
Funding Decision
July 5, 2021
Award Notification - Round II

Click here for the EventFund Application & Guidelines

Click here for a list of 2006-20 EventFund recipients.

The PFD is continuing to work with the three public partners for the selected projects, despite the effects from the COVD-19 pandemic:
    - Port Orchard Community & Event Center (POCEC)
    - Poulsbo Event & Recreation Center (PERC)
    - Pt Gamble Heritage Park (PGHP).

POCEC - The Cityof Port Orchard has chosen a contractor for their feasibility study and community feedback priot to the design of the facility, Rice Fergus Miller.

PERC - the City of Poulsbo has chosen Perteet as their feasibility and communty feedback contractor and will proceed with their first phase.

PGHP - The County has chosen OAC as the contractor to start on the construction of the Ride Park element of their project.


The Kitsap PFD is committed to the creation of new facilities for the enjoyment of the County residents, as well as sites for regional events that will contribute to the growth and prosperity of the County.


More information available-click on:   Evaluation Timeline 

The Kitsap Public Facilities District (KPFD) is an independent municipal corporation managing Washington state sales tax rebate funds allocated to Kitsap County.

Projects selected to receive funds from the KPFD have included the very successful Kitsap Conference Center at Bremerton Harborside, the rehabilitation of the Kitsap Sun Fairgrounds & Events Center and the North Kitsap Regional Events Center. The economic impact and benefit to residents and the communities of Kitsap County are impressive. Please click here to read more details.

You may also download a PFD Version of the KPFD Report to the Community.


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