Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park

Owned and managed by Kitsap County, the 3,500-acre park located near the town of Port Gamble is one of the largest county parks in the Continental United States. The park’s forested uplands and saltwater shoreline support a variety of wildlife and other natural resources, as well as public access and recreation opportunities. The park’s 65 miles of trails include existing logging roads and other trails and are maintained by volunteers with Kitsap County Parks Department’s Port Gamble Stewardship Committee.

Expanding Uses to Draw New Visitors

Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park was select for funding by KPFD in 2019. The PGFHP Master Plan addresses the transition of  former commercial timber harvest land into a public park with the goal of becoming a regional attraction. One exciting new addition is a 177-acre mountain bike ride park with features for all ages and skill-levels. The mountain bike ride park will include easy, moderate, and difficult trails and will be adjacent to a portion of the planned Sound to Olympics trail. The ride park development will include parking and restrooms, and in the future will be accessed from Port Gamble town. Construction is expected to begin in 2021.

During the planning process, various conservation, recreation, restoration, and other land uses will be evaluated while considering community preferences, financial feasibility, easements and legal agreements, and land suitability.