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KPFD prides itself in the ability to generate revenue by bringing regional and small national conferences (vendors, participants and guests) and sports tournaments (organizers, participants, families and fans) and all the attendant media coverage into Kitsap County.

KPFD Guiding Principles

Efficient use of Public and Private Money

Both the Kitsap Conference Center and Kitsap Fairgrounds & Event Center used state sales tax rebate managed by the KPFD to produce capital investment funding from bond sales. The facilities garner multiple funding sources from inside and outside Kitsap County, including:

  • $1.5 million in federal and state grants for the tournament quality lighting for the Kitsap Pavilion, new baseball fields at Kitsap Fairgrounds and the fountains on the public plazas at Bremerton Harborside
  • $18 million from City of Bremerton
  • $1 million matching funds from Kitsap County

These projects have also spurred private investments within Kitsap County, which to date include:

  • nearly $20 million from Opus Development Corporation for the Kitsap Conference Center and public plazas at Bremerton Harborside
  • $30,000 in-kind contribution from RainStorm for the rainwater/underground recycling system in the Fairgrounds parking lot


The newest technologies in parking lot construction are being used at both projects, resulting in water recycling and operating cost savings (approximately 40% or $50,000 a year) and avoidance of runoff problems at the Fairgrounds. The Conference Center underground parking structure boasts enhanced safety and earthquake damage prevention through rebar and tension-framing.

Multi-Use Opportunities

The Kitsap Conference Center, North Kitsap Regional Event Center, and the Kitsap Fairgrounds & Event Center all feature multi-use facilities:

  • At the Fairgrounds and Event Center, baseball fields have soccer fields in the outfields and share parking, lavatory and concession facilities among four fields.
  • The Pavilion houses basketball, wrestling, volleyball, tennis badminton or community events with removable sports equipment and bleachers, as well as permanently lined sports flooring.
  • The Conference Center meeting spaces are appropriate for conferences and meetings, weddings and community receptions, and commercial and cultural exhibits.
  • The artificial turf fields installed by KPFD and its partners at North Kitsap Stadium, Strawberry Field and Gordon Field are multi-purpose, all-weather fields and can all handle soccer, lacrosse, football and, in a pinch, rugby.

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New Facility Projects

Completed Facilities & Projects