Report to the Community

An extensive process of evaluating seven projects for consideration of Kitsap PFD support and funding was concluded in Dec of 2019. Three projects were selected for funding by the KPFD.

New KPFD Projects

These projects were designated as “Facilities” by virtue of signing Inter Local Agreements (ILAs), between the public entities and the KPFD during 2020, despite the interference of the coronavirus. Each city has begun the public feedback and feasibility phases of their facilities.

The County, farther along in the development of the PGFHP, has selected a contractor and will begin construction on the first stage of the Ride Park in the northern section of the Park in the spring of 2021.

A fourth project, in cooperation with the Port of Bremerton, is called The Circuit of the NW, and it was funded for a preliminary feasibility study in 2018/2019 to determine if the public agency training and testing currently done at the abandoned runway at the Port airport could be transferred to the new facility planned across the highway from the airport.

That report was favorable and the preparation of design and engineering drawings were selected to receive approximately $500K in funding during the latter half of 2019 and early 2020.

Current KPFD Facilities

The facilities that received funding from the Kitsap Public Facilities District in 2004 and 2005 continued to produce excellent economic results and quality of life benefits to Kitsap County communities, until 2020 and the appearance of the Covid-19 virus mandated the closure of these public gathering places.

We hope these facilities can returned to active community participation and adding events in 2021.