Welcome to the Kitsap Public Facilities District

Building Communities, Enriching Lives™

The KPFD is an independent municipal corporation managing Washington state sales tax rebate funds allocated to Kitsap County. It partners with other public entities (Cities or the County) to build public facilities for the benefit of the residents of the County and to generate revenue for the County through taxes and use fees.

All facilities are funded based on the four main goals of the Kitsap PFD. They are:

  1. Economic Development
  2. Efficient use of public and private monies
  3. Innovation
  4. Multiple use of facilities

See more details of the four main goals on the Projects & Facilities page.

The first facilities selected to receive funds from the KPFD have included the very successful Kitsap Conference Center at Bremerton Harborside; the refurbishment of the County’s largest event space, the Kitsap Sun Pavilion at the Fairgrounds & Events Center; and the first stages of the North Kitsap Regional Events Center.

The economic impact and benefit to residents and the communities of Kitsap County are impressive. Please click here to read more details.

Funding Through 2041 Provides New Opportunities For Community and Economic Development in Kitsap County.

Trail Map PGFHP

The KPFD Board of Directors completed a several year long effort to modify the original legislation so that new projects, in addition to the three originally approved by the KPFD Board, could be considered for funding.

The bill, EHB1201, became law in July 2017, along with an extension of the time period the PFDs could receive the tax rebate funding from the State until 2041.

This provides a new revenue stream that can fund bonds for new capital projects for the County.

Poulsbo & Port Orchard Envision New Community Centers

In ongoing efforts to support community needs and draw tourists from across the region, KPFD has allocated funds for two new conference centers in Kitsap County. The Poulsbo Event & Recreation Center and the South Kitsap Community Event Center are planned multi-use facilities that would include conference rooms, meeting space, community gathering space, sports facilities, and more. Both facilities will offer exciting new opportunities for participants of all ages to gather, learn, and recreate together.

2021 KPFD EventFund Awards

Awards range from $500 to $5,000 for marketing and promoting events held in the three KPFD financed facilities – Kitsap Conference Center, Kitsap Fairgrounds and Events Center, and North Kitsap Regional Event Center. Fund award decisions are competitive.

The application period for 2021 EventFund Round 1 closed on June 18th, 2021. Click here for more information on the 2021 KPFD Event Fund schedule.

Report to the Community

The KPFD is continuing to work with now four public partners for the selected projects, despite the effects from the COVD-19 pandemic:

SKCEC – The City of Port Orchard has chosen a contractor for their feasibility study and community feedback prior to the design of the facility, Rice Fergus Miller.

PERC – the City of Poulsbo has chosen Perteet as their feasibility and community feedback contractor and will proceed with their first phase.

PGFHP – The County has chosen OAC as the contractor to start on the construction of the Ride Park element of their project.

POB/CNW – The Port of Bremerton is contracting for the preparation of construction documents, preparing for construction beginning in the summer of 2022, completion in 2023.

The Kitsap PFD is committed to the creation of new facilities for the enjoyment of the County residents, as well as sites for regional events that will contribute to the growth and prosperity of the County.

Click here to read the full report.