In 2011-12, KPFD projects again surpassed economic impact and community benefit expectations


Meeting The Future Needs of Kitsap Communities:
The KPFD Board of Directors has completed a several year long effort to modify the original legislation so that new projects, in addition to the three originally approved by the KPFD Board, could be considered for funding.

The bill, EHB1201, became law in July 2017, along with an extension of the time period the PFDs could receive the tax rebate funding from the State until 2041. This provides a new revenue stream that can fund bonds for new capital projects for the County.

New Project Funding Opportunity:

Consequently, the Board of Directors approved a new project funding proposal document that outlines how our existing partners, the County, cities or other public entities can apply for the additional funding that will be available. That document -  PROJECT PROPOSAL FUNDING PROCESS - can be found here


New Project Proposals were submitted to the KPFD office by December 31, 2018, for consideration in the first round of review and evaluation for consideration of funding awards in 2019.


The proposed project must provide significant economic impact as well as benefit to residents and the communities of Kitsap County, in accordance with the four main goals of the Kitsap PFD. They are:

   1) Economic Development;
   2) Efficient use of public and private monies;
   3) Innovation; and
   4) Multiple use of facilities.

It must also be greater than $10 million in total value and have matching funds from a public partner no less than one-third of the project value.


Evaluation Process:

The New Project teams have gone before the KPFD Board for evaluation of their projects, based on the four main goals identified above, plus other factors.

Two project teams discussed their projects, costs and expectations at Board Meetings in February and March. The CNW project was added to the Apr 22nd meeting.


   February 25th:   Central Kitsap Event Center
                             Port Gamble Heritage Park

   March 11th         Port Orchard Event Center

                             Poulsbo Event & Rec Center

   March 25th         Bremerton Pendergast Park
                             BI Parks Pool Aquatic Center

   April 22nd           Port of Bremerton/Circuit of NW

Click on name to view the video their presentation


The Board discussed the seven projects during the meetings in May, June and July for the Board to rank the projects for possible funding at the August meeting. Each Director ranked the projects from 1 to 7, 1 being the most desirable, 7 the least desirable. These rankings were tabulated for the following results

The Project ranking order was -
     1) Port Orchard Community & Event Center*;
     2) Poulsbo Event & Recreation Center*;
     3) Port Gamble Heritage Park*;
     4) Port of Bremerton/Circuit of the NW**;

     5) BI Parks District Aquatic Complex;

     6) Central Kitsap Events Center; and

     7) Pendergast Park, Bremerton.


NOTE: The Ranking Table for determining the Funding preference is attached here.


The top project teams (designated with *) have negotiated ILAs (Interlocal Agreements) with the KPFD in order to receive funding for their projects. The ILAs for the top three projects have been approved by the KPFD Board. Two of the three have approved by our public partner. (**Note: the POB ILA for the Phase II portion of the CNW project was already in place.)


Now these are in place, there will be meetings of the Steering Committees between the two partners on a regular basis and the progress reported to the PFD Board. This will cover estimated costs, community and economic benefits, contributions to costs from other private & public partners and details of proposed construction schedules.


The new ILAs are now available on the new Documents section of the archives page where the Minutes of the meetings are usually found.


NOTE: There are feasibility studies to be performed by the respective projects. Thiis could push some of the funding awards into the later part of 2020 or early 2021.



One New Project Being Evaluated:
Circuit of the Northwest (CNW)- This project is a planned multi-use motorsports road course to be constructed on 232 acres of Port of Bremerton property, across from the Bremerton National Airport. see the webpage or the Facebook page.

Four years in its planning and preparation, the CNW multi-purpose facility will replace the drag and road course racing on the unused runway at the Airport. In addition, there are more than two dozen public and community organizations that use that runway for training and evaluation exercises. These activities have been going on for more than 20 years at the current location.

The Kitsap PFD has been investigating and evaluating this virtually "shovel ready" project for more than a year for possible cooperation with the Port of Bremerton to fund part of the improvements to the Port property that will support the public and community uses of the multi-use facility. No public funding will go directly to the CNW operator.

The Kitsap PFD also paid for a Market Demand Study to be conducted to determine the public and community benefits to be gained if this facility were built. Part of the Study showed that the economic benefits that may be gained in the first year alone might be more than $57 Million.

That study is available here.

A KPFD Board meeting in mid-2019 approved an Interlocal Agreement (ILA) with the Port of Bremerton, which provided for payment of up to $502,300 to the Port of Bremerton, to contract for technical and engineering drawings and documents to prepare for the construction of the multi-use facility. This will ensure that the many community and public uses of the facility will be properly included in the construction plans.


Meeting The Current Needs
           of Kitsap Communities:

The KPFD is also currently involved in completing or evaluating several key community projects.

Kitsap Conference Center at Harborside expansion:
The City of Bremerton, in cooperation with Kitsap Transit, the owner of the building above the Conference Center, and Columbia Hospitality, the contracted manager/operator of the Conference Center, has presented a bold plan to install tenant improvements in the remaining 7,000 square feet of space on the third floor. This will allow larger and more complex events and booking by the Conference Center managers. The project would cost in excess of $1 million and $424,000 of PFD funding was approved to support the expansion. The new Expanded facility opened in April 2014. Click here for the proposal details. 

Kitsap Fairgrounds & Event Center (KFEC):
The County and Parks Dept. requested funding for two different projects, which are essentially complete as of Summer 2017. Parks is now planning for Gordon Field 2.

Project 1 - Gordon Field Press Box - was to purchase a press box already put in place at Gordon Field by Pumas owner Robin Waite for the 2013 season. The purchase, for just less than $30,000, occurred in late 2013 and enables the Parks market the Gordon Field complex as a "stadium" at better rates. Click here for the proposal details.

Project 2 - Lobe Field improvements - including, relocating one bullpen to the left field area; moving the backstop fencing inward; and placing a "real" elevated press box behind home plate. This would enhance the marketing of the complex for more events like the 2012 Babe Ruth World series that was so successful in generating more than $750K of economic benefit for Kitsap County. The total funding requested was $10,000 for the bullpen relocation and $60,000 for the press box and backstop fence move. That project is still in progress - the bullpen relocation and on-field improvements have been completed, but the press box improvment is still in progress. Click here for the proposal details.

Project 3 - Gordon Field 2: When Gordon Field was originally planned, the design was prepared for two artificial turf fields, but only one was built because of funding limitations. The planning is now being done for the construction of GF2, due in 2018.

North Kitsap Regional Event Center (NKREC):
The City of Poulsbo and the NK School District, two of the other partners in the NKREC (the County is the fourth) submitted three proposals for moving the NKREC forward.

Project 1 - Expansion of trail system - adding approx 1 mile of additional trails through adjacent property, both public and private, for possible cross-country team use, as well as kids getting to school more safely. The request was for $132,000. It needed to be contiguous with the NKREC boundary and was found not to be so. Click here for an overview and this proposal details.

Project 2 - Enhancements at Strawberry Field - the request was for bleachers to accommodate spectators and encourage tournaments; also to purchase goals for soccer and lacrosse, also to encourage use and tournaments. The bleaches have been purchased and will be in place for the 2017-18 school year. The request was for $16,500, click here for proposal details.

Project 3 - Storm water management funding - There are storm water run-off and potential contamination issues from gravel parking areas at Strawberry Field as well as the main NK High School campus. NKSD was requesting funding to address the Strawberry Field parking area and for a study to enable Ecology grant money for further parking retrofit work. This plan has gone through some revisions and is being restated now. Request was originally for $132,000, click here for the details of the proposal.

Note: These last two projects are on hold, pending resolution of some partnership agreement modifications.

The previous two projects funded by public funds through the Kitsap PFD:

o Gordon Field - In August 2011, construction completed on the first of two artificial turf multi-use fields at the Gordon Field portion of the Fairgrounds. The $1.2 million project will allow year round use for soccer, rugby and lacrosse. The second field will be undertaken when funding permits.

 o North Kitsap Regional Event Center,
located in and around the North Kitsap High School campus, it is planned to include a multi-use recreation and cultural complex; renovated ball fields; and an enhanced pool and performance center.

The KPFD is working closely with project partners, the City of Poulsbo, NK School District and Kitsap County. Please watch this web site for updates as this project develops. More North Kitsap Regional Center information.

Phase 1&2: Four different partners cooperated in the $2.2 million project - the PFD, Kitsap county, City of Poulsbo and NK School District -  to provide artificial turf and resurfaced track for the Stadium, and artificial turf and lights at strawberry Field. The project was completed in November of 2008.

Mesford to Hostmark Trail:
The lastest project was a trail from Mesford to Hostmark parking lot, to provide "swamp-free" transit behind the athletic fields and school buildings. (More details here and pictures here.)

In 2004, the Kitsap Public Facilities District (KPFD) achieved its goal of transforming the Kitsap Fairgrounds and completing the new Kitsap Conference Center at Bremerton Harborside, a cornerstone of Bremerton's 5-year revitalization program. Following is a brief overview.

Kitsap Conference Center at Bremerton Harborside
KPFD is proud to have helped fund the new Kitsap Conference Center at Bremerton Harborside. This beautiful waterfront facility opened in August 2004 and can host groups from 10 to 750.

The facility is already exceeding booking projections. The Kitsap Conference Center and adjoining public plaza, fountains and shops are spurring economic growth and will provide enjoyment to Kitsap residents and visitors for years to come.
 More Kitsap Conference Center information.

Kitsap Fairgrounds & Event Center
KPFD funding initiated Fairgrounds Renovation-Phase I. The result transformed the Fairgrounds and Pavilion into a tournament-quality indoor/outdoor multi-sport complex for soccer, baseball, softball, tennis, basketball, badminton, wrestling and volleyball.

This regional center features the 40,000 sq. ft. Pavilion with a multi-sports gymnasium, breakout rooms and elevated seating for major special events. The site includes event camping sites and environmentally sensitive parking lots.

In 2005, KPFD will begin Fairgrounds Renovation - Phase II which involves taking inventory of all sports facilities in the County to establish priorities and then building additional facilities at the Fairgrounds. Please watch this site for update on this project.
More Kitsap Fairgrounds information.

o Phase II Renovation - involved taking inventory of all sports facilities in the County to establish priorities and then building additional facilities at the Fairgrounds. Improvements have been made to the Loeb Field baseball complex and it has qualified for the 2012 13-year old Babe Ruth World Series, to be held in the latter part of August, 2012.

 Please click here for a Report to the Community.

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