2019 Regular Meeting of the KPFD Board of Directors *
Date:         Monday, April 22, 2019 
        5:30 PM 
Location:   East/West Bay Rooms, Best Western Plus Hotel,
                  Silverdale, WA 98383 


1.    Call to Order
2.    Approval of Meeting Minutes
.    Public Comment (items not on the agenda, limit 3 minutes)

4.    Financial Reports
       A.  Monthly Report/Revenue Summary

       B.  Blanket Voucher Approval
       C.  POB Voucher Approval


5.   Project Evaluation Criteria
       A. KPFD Main Goals
       B. Use of Evaluation Form
       C. Site Visits Discussion

6.   Project Presentation - Port of Bremerton/Circuit of the NW
       A. Port of Bremerton -
       B. Circuit of the NW - Brian Nilsen, Joel Cohen Group LLC and others
           (See additional agenda - Agenda KPFD Meeting CNW April 22 2019)
       C. Questions & Discussion
       D. Public Comment

7.    Regional Facilities Monthly Reports/ED Peport

8.    Announcements/Upcoming Events



*  This meeting will be video recorded.   

 Next Meeting:
         KPFD Regular Board Meeting:
          5:30 pm, Monday, May 20th, 2019
          East/West Bay Room, Best Western Plus/Silverdale Beach Hotel

             Topic:    Project Evaluation/Selection
             Note:     additional Special Meeting may be scheduled in early May

Click here for Minutes of Past Meetings

4.    Regional Facilities Annual Reports
       B. Kitsap Fairgrounds & Event Center

5.   New Business
PRA Rules - Approve Remove & Replace

6.      A. Fiinalize Selection Process
          - Initial project impressions
          - Positive aspects of each Project
          - Negative aspects of each project
      B. Questions to be answered by each project
          - In person or in writing?
          - Time to come back and respond

A notice will be published here and in the newspapers, if a Special Meeting has been scheduled.


NOTE: The Kitsap Public Facilities District does not discriminate on the basis of disability Individuals who require accommodations should contact the KPFD at 360-698-1885.



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